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20 Nov 2021 - 2021/22 Nationals Notice of Race posted.
09 Apr 2021 - 2021 State Championship results posted.
09 Apr 2021 - 2019/20 Nationals results posted.
14 Mar 2020 - 2020 Vic State Championship NOR and Entry form posted.
27 Dec 2019 - Archival 1981/82 results posted.

Cobra logo Australian Cobra Catamaran Association
5 Meter Twin Trapeze Cat

Advantages of sailing a Cobra
Being a 2 person boat encourages the nucleus of the family to be involved. IE father/son/daughter, Mum/Dad, mother/son/daughter, easily towed behind the family car.
Competitive boats from $2000 and upwards or start with an association boat before you buy - see Class Boats available to the public
Sailed throughout all eastern states including Tasmania.
Professionally built fiberglass hulls or do-it-yourself ply hulls.
Able to be sailed safely in all conditions on both inland and coastal waters.
From beginner to experienced.
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Rick Nixon (Parkdale)

Brian Harrison (Newcastle)
0421 979 452

Glenn Dale (Brisbane)
0427 331 111
Jon Bateman (Mooloolabah)
(07) 5442-2987

Daniel Gardner
0419 490 103