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In an effort make this page fast, easy to read & easy to cut & paste (& easy for me to update), I have elected to leave out all the bells & whistles, after all, you're here to find a boat, not to look at lots of menus, frames & tables.

In an effort to clean out 'stale' adds or lack of feedback that an item has been sold, any entries over a year old will be deleted unless I'm notified otherwise.

The Cobra catamaran is designed as a racing catamaran, which can be sailed socially or quickly. A degree of sailing experience is desirable if you want to take on one of these boats, it is not a boat in which to learn to sail, you should know the basics of sailing. If you are a beginner and want to learn, inquire about a crew position on an existing boat at Parkdale Yacht Club. This way, you can build up a level of experience to allow you to take on a skipper's position later.
The VCCA has a development officer who will assist you until you are comfortable with the boat, and we will give you a copy of "How to sail Cobras"

Not sure about buying one of these boats? Why not try using one of the association boats? These cats are available to sailors with at least a basic level of sailing ability who would like to experience the thrills of Cobra sailing without the initial cost.

For further details, contact Peter Marsh on (03) 9580 5498 or Email or visit Parkdale Yacht Club any Sunday (in the summer months).

If you have a Cobra Catamaran that you wish to sell, there is a form at the bottom of the page that you can fill in for inclusion on the site.

Available Association Lease Boats

All lease boats are currently undergoing refurbishment.
If you're really keen you can contact to find out if we will have something ready soon.

Listed ..........: 6 December 2017
Boat name .......: Venom
Boat number .....:
Boat colour .....: White
Boat condition ..: Needs work
Boat type .......: Fun
Construction ....: Fibreglass
With trailer ....: No
Location ........: Shortland, NSW
Asking Price ....: $750
Comments ........: All parts there except trampoline - needs some parts (provided) fitted to be completely ready to sail. Foam sandwich construction. Contact me for more details.
Contact name ....: Ben Brice
Contact phone ...: 0411871032
Contact Email ...:

Listed ..........: 8 March 2016
Boat name .......: Was Aldebaran - there is no name on the boat at present as I have not got around to getting new labels after the repaint
Boat number .....: 554
Boat colour .....:
Boat condition ..: Sail Ready
Boat type .......: Fun
Construction ....: Ply/Fibreglass
With trailer ....: Yes, Registered
Location ........: Brisbane
Asking Price ....: $1500 ono neg.
Comments ........: Registered trailer with sailbox & spare wheel, new LED lights. Wood hulls in excellent condition, newly professionally painted only socially sailed twice in last year
Contact name ....: Ian Budd
Contact phone ...: 0417619357
Contact Email ...:

If you have a Cobra Catamaran or parts for sale, please feel free to fill the form below.

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