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"The Class Catamaran"

Not sure about buying one of these boats? Why not try using one of the association boats? These cats are available to sailors with at least a basic level of sailing ability who would like to experience the thrills of Cobra sailing without the initial cost.

Some Class Boat guidelines:

The Cobra catamaran is designed as a racing catamaran, which can be sailed socially or quickly. It is not a boat in which to learn to sail. If you are a beginner and want to learn, inquire about a crew position on an existing boat at Parkdale Yacht Club. This way, you can build up a level of experience to allow you to take on a skipper's position later.
A degree of sailing experience is desirable if you want to take on one of these boats; (you should know the basics of sailing). The VCCA has a development officer who will assist you until you are comfortable with the boat, and we will give you a copy of "How to sail Cobras".
A regular and reliable crew is an asset, but not essential.
You will need a place to store the boat while it is in your possession.
You will need a buoyancy vest, a wet suit and sailing boots.
You will need to know how to cope with a lot of fun and excitement.

To see what costs are involved & see the VCCA Class Boat Policy (11KB PDF) or it can also be found on the Cobra Documents page.

If you have any other questions, ring me on (03) 9580 5498 or Email

Peter Marsh.